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Ski base improvement for better glide



Ski structuring and waxing

To improve the gliding skis we perform different operations depending on the state of the base and its initial quality.

  1. Beforehand, a spackling of holes and scratches.
  2. We realize then, according to your needs, customized structuring of the base.
  3. Finally, we do waxing depending on snow temparature with French products VOLA.

Your skis will have a glide even better than when they first came out!




Repair of skis : make the base new again.



To repair the damage caused by less snowy ski slopes, we add melted material of ski base. That will fill in the smallest holes and scratches.

We adapt the product depending on the color of the sole.

Once this operation, the ski pass by structuring that will remove the excess material and will “draw” the base for better glide.




Customized ski edges


Sharpening as out of factory

With our machine, we can do a job on the edges as do manufacturers in their factories. We can program the angles with great precision to satisfy the most demanding skiers as competitors.
The machine performs a sharpening on both edges along which guarantee perfect homogeneity.


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